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Artica Telemedicina offers Public Health TIC solutions systems. Our main goals are to improve people’s quality of life and to support scientific and Health professionals


Artica Telemedicina develops customized information systems in order to digitalize public Health processes. Cloud technologies, intelligent decision making support software, interoperability standards are some of our features. We also use collaborative work tools that provide communication and information flows among patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers and other Health professionals. …


Smartphones and tablets are used to improve health self-care. Artica Telemedicina develops Android, IOS and HTML5 apps, deployed in BYOD strategies, able to send and integrate information into medical records used by Health professionals.


We use technology in order to offer remote medical solutions: remote medical advice, remote physical therapy, tele-monitoring, remote diagnosis and telecare, implemented for different medical specialties (tele-dermatology, tele-cardiology, tele-pediatrics, tele-ophthalmology).…


Active Ageing

We apply Ambient Assisted Living technologies, Ageing Well and Accessibility in order to help people in the process of getting older, in order to promote their personal autonomy and to increase their quality of life. We promote healthy, participative and safe ageing.

Chronic Disease Management

We deploy TIC solutions for the chronic disease outpatients’ management, thus empowering them. Therapy and treatment adherence support for patients are also improved. We define automatic monitoring protocols, Health 2.0 and social networks techniques in order to better support self-care.

Health Prevention and Healthy Living

We use Wearables, Gamification and online Coaching in order to promote healthy lifestyles (healthy diet, working out, sleeping hours management, stress management). Self-Tracking and “Quantified Me” actions are also promoted, in order to implement preventive public Health actions.


Artica Telemedicine was born on 2003, as a spin-off of the Bioengineering and Telemedicine Group (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). Since 2013, Artica Telemedicine integrated in CMC Group, one of the most prominent Spanish management, technology and outsourcing consultancy business group. CMC has more than 750 employees and has expanded internationally over the last years.














Our Team

Alejandro Sánchez-Rico

Artica Telemedicina Manager and Founding Partner. Telecommunication Engineer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Executive MBA, IESE Business School - Universidad de Navarra. Telemedicine and eHealth expert consultant. Turnkey Public Health project design and management. Large European and National levels research Project management experience.

Javier Perdices

eHealth Artica Telemedicina Manager and Founding Partner. Telecommunication Engineer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. UPM Telemedicine research certification and DEA. Master on Health TIC Systems. Telemedicine and eHealth expert consultant. SaaS development projects and ICT Public Health.

David Carpio Cañas

Web, desktop and mobile development expert. PHP technologies, Joomla, Wordpress, C#, .Net, Java, Android, MySQL, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JQuery

Computer management systems installation and maintenance for hospital labs.

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